Omaka Classic Fighters Airshow 2015
AERODROME ROAD, BLENHEIM (5kms from town, route sign-posted off SH6)   MARLBOROUGH • NEW ZEALAND

Omaka Airpark

Managed by the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre and located adjacent to this iconic museum, is the Omaka Airpark. With space on the airfield now at a premium, this development is providing new opportunities for business and private ownership alike.

Omaka Airpark Layout

  • Provision has been made for fully serviced sites, providing three-phase power, telephone, water and sewerage to each boundary. A one off contribution towards installation is payable on securing a site.
  • A 30m wide taxiway provides access onto Omaka Aerodrome.
  • Sites are reserved for aviation related activities
  • Prospective hangar owners must join the Marlborough Aero Club, in order to cover their use of the airfield.
  • Sites are sub-leased from The New Zealand Aviation Museum Trust (trading as the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre), for an initial term of ten years, with three rights of renewal, each of ten years.
  • Rental is $5.30 per square metre for the first year and thereafter subject to two yearly reviews.
  • To maintain consistency in appearance and quality, hangars are to be built to an approved standard, with construction undertaken by an approved contractor.
  • The first row of nine hangars measure 20m x 25m, with an 18m x 4.6m high opening with sliding doors. Rollar door to rear of building, fire rated dividing walls and 150mm reinforced floors.
  • The second row hangars are 20m x 15m. Other hangar size options are available on request.

Hangars at Omaka Airpark