The Great War (WWI) is the stage on which the story of aviation and the ‘Knights of the Sky’ comes to life. This is the personal collection of film director Sir Peter Jackson and through his generosity a series of dioramas, created by Wingnut Films and enhanced by lifelike mannequins by Weta Workshop combined to provide a museum experience, never seen before its opening in 2006.

Rare memorabilia on display; the envy of any national collection ranges from beautifully crafted ‘trench’ art through to personal items belonging to national flying heroes such as the USA’s Eddie Rickenbacker, France’s René Fonck and Germany’s Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen and the infamous Hermann Goering.

No aviation museum would be complete without flying machines and ‘Knights of the Sky’ has a mixture of original, flyable, and static replica aircraft. The rarity and beauty of these machines including a Curtiss MF Flying Boat, the Italian time capsule Caproni CA.22 or the colourful Fokker Triplanes can be appreciated by all, not just aviation enthusiasts.

Visit Sir Peter Jackson’s Knights of the Sky Exhibition and travel to a time when the harshness and cruelty of the war in the trenches contrasted with the chivalry and bravado of the war in the air.

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We are open 7 Days, 9am - 4pm. 79 Aerodrome Rd, Omaka, Blenheim, NZ.