Yak-3 Adventure flights

Russian WW2 Fighter - Yakovlev Yak-3

This magnificent aircraft is one of the stars of Omaka’s World War II exhibition, Dangerous Skies. Taking pride of place next to Russian pilot Lydia Litvyak, the worlds’ highest scoring female ace of World War II and one of three, flyable aircraft in the exhibition. Full Noise also has the distinction of being a Reno Air Races, (Nevada, USA) Unlimited category Gold racer and built for speed!

This newly restored Yak 3 is a World War II icon and boasts an Allison V1710 V-12 engine. For the non-enthusiast, this means the aircraft has a cruise speed of 285 mph and a maximum speed of 407 mph. However, not only is the Yak 3 built for speed, it's also extremely manoeuvrable which means if you are up for it, you'll be able to experience some rolls too!

Operated by Warbirds Ltd there are three exciting flight experiences to choose from. Click on the link below to choose your adventure!

Full Noise

Time: 20mins | Price: $2500 including GST

This 20 minute experience  will let you experience the thrill of Full Noise at full noise! The ride includes an aircraft orientation and a thorough pre-flight briefing. Once completed you'll take to the skies for some magnificent views of the Marlborough landscape. There'll be time for some graceful aerobatics and if you are up for it, your pilot will head for the deck at amazing speed before returning to the airfield for a buzz and break into the pattern (traffic permitting).

Top Gun

Time: 30mins | Price: $2800 including GST

This is a 30 minute experience tailored to suit your individual requirements. Fly out of Omaka Airfield into the beautiful Marlborough wine growing region and take in some of the local scenery while you settle in and absorb the fact you are  flying in a 1200 hp V-12 Warbird!

The aircraft will engage in some graceful aerobatics before your pilot carries out a few of the higher G basic fighter maneuvers common to single seat fighters of the WW II era. Once the required fun level has been reached, head home at low level past the white bluffs of Marlborough for a buzz and break into the pattern.

The flight will be recorded on high quality digital video format for you to keep.

Ridge Runner

Time: 45mins | Price: $3200 including GST

Get up close and personal with the iconic Mt Tapuae-O-Ueneku, the snow topped ‘Footprint of the Rainbow’. You’ll soar to over 9500 ft and shoot the mountain pass before descending at pace into aerobatics. The spectacular scenery of the Marlborough region is an added bonus of any flight out of Omaka and there is no better way to see it than on this experience of a lifetime.

Russian Roulette

Time: You decide | Price: TBA dependant on duration

This life experience is yours for the making! A scenic spin around the vines or mountains, some 'full on' aerobatics and/or zoom to 3000 metres for a speed run. The options are as varied as your dreams of flying. The flight will be recorded on high quality digital video format for you to keep as we guarantee it'll be a memory you want to relive many times!

For bookings and enquiries, please click here. Flights depart from: 79 Aerodrome Rd, Omaka, Blenheim, New Zealand

Note: All flights are operated by Warbirds Ltd and are dependent upon pilot availability. We encourage you to book at least two days in advance to avoid disappointment.